SK Gaming

SK Gaming v Cloud9 (CS:GO - ELEAGUE Major) 2017-02-17 02:12



#C9CSGO is up against @SKGaming on Overpass in the Group Stage of #DHMasters!

2017-02-17 02:14:44

Ritual concluído VQV! #RUNSKG #VAMOSSK

2017-02-17 02:16:43

Família SK na fila da frente! SK Family always on the front line! #RUNSKG #VAMOSSK

2017-02-17 02:25:32

Fase de grupos sem emoção, nem parece SK! 1st on Group Stage with an easy win over @Cloud9 GGWP #RUNSKG #VAMOSSK

2017-02-17 03:01:12

#C9CSGO fall 6-16 to @SKGaming on Overpass in the #DHMasters Group Stage. They'll face @NiPGaming tomorrow. #GGWP

2017-02-17 03:02:00

RT @TACOCS: GG 16-05 vs @Cloud9 Quarters final baby 😎

2017-02-17 03:07:35

RT @SK_fer: GG 16x5 vs @Cloud9 Qualified to the playoffs. 😊😊

2017-02-17 03:07:37

RT @felperaa: ggwp 16x5 vs @Cloud9! Evoluindo a cada dia 🙏🏼

2017-02-17 03:07:41

RT @SK_deadcsgo: Ggwp @Cloud9 16 X 5 , we will play Saturday

2017-02-17 03:13:03

Winners photoshoot, making it rain! #RUNSKG #VAMOSSK

2017-02-17 03:34:35

RT @FalleNCS: Ggs @Cloud9 wp. Proud of the team. Lets keep going, step by step.

2017-02-17 04:10:08

RT @coldzera: Ggwp vs c9 16x6 😁😁 passamos do group stage. Dia off amanha para treinarmos e estudarmos os…

2017-02-17 04:12:28